Extraterrestrial News: Curiosity Rover Down Again


At the end of October 2013, the rover Curiosity-lab is present on Mars for more than 440 days. At that time, thousands of photos of the Red Planet have been published on the websites of the Jet Propulsion Laboratory / NASA. Many show fantastic landscapes where sometimes you can see rocks presenting enigmatic forms. On November 7, Curiosity put itself in safe mode for some days, this due, as said on redorbit.com to "an unexpected software reboot occurred during a communications pass with the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter". On Sunday, 17, Curiosity face a second glitch this month, this due to a voltage change. This time is referred to a "soft short". For persistent observer of the Martian landscape, the images taken by the rover during the month of October 2013 were particularly amazing. The lack of pictures from Sols 444 to 452 (nine days) could be relatively frustrating. NASA has suspended its Curiosity rover operations on Mars and no images are published since the 456th Martian day.A few days ago, for example, at the Sol 410 we could see two amazing rocks on an image, a kind of snail at the bottom right, a rock having the appearance of a bar (or clip) in the center and a stone with a handle at the top right. The Sol 424, for its part, revealed a really strange rock indeed, here with High Dynamic Range effect (crops from JPL/NASA images).

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