Target Magazine Canada debuts

Target Magazine Canada, a new and independent lifestyles and shopping magazine, has debuted recently. The magazine is focused on issues which can affect the common people in Canada. It has started publishing articles about various lifestyle and shopping topics which can benefit the people in Canada.

Target Magazine Canada is an editorially independent and not-for-profit magazine which seeks to provide a socially progressive alternative to the centralized corporate control of Canada's media outlets. The readers can expect unbiased reviews of various commercial establishments in the country. They can also educate themselves about offers and promotions which they can benefit from.

The readers can also contribute to the magazine by publishing lifestyle and shopping related articles. In the past few days, the magazine has published various articles about Target Canada. These articles talk about how the US retail giant has failed to live up to the expectations of Canadian shoppers. Also, the magazine did not shy away from taking a bold stand and providing true information to the public about Target Canada. Here is a paragraph from a recent article published in the magazine, explaining how the PR team of the retail giant tried to mislead the people.

“The smoke screen created by the public relation department of the retail giant has fallen. The consumers in Canada have realized that Target has failed to provide them with ‘low cost’ offers, similar to what it offers to its US customers. However, the article posted by The Province informs that Target Canada will not change its prices.”

Target Magazine Canada is focused on protecting the Canadian consumers from being misled by corporate giants.

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