Search engines: Canadian organization launches


Recently, a Canadian organization has launched a new Meta search engine known as, which allows users to retrieve top results from the Internet's most popular search engines in a single query. This meta search engine is an impeccable tool which was developed in order to allow users to easily get the best results from the Internet's top search engines in a single query. By combining the results from Google, Yahoo and MSN search engines and applying a unique ranking logic, is able to deliver high quality,relevant results from multiple sources simultaneously. is the new Meta search engine which gives a fresh alternative to just searching through Google or any other search engine by itself. At the same time, this Meta search engine gives users the ability to simultaneously search multiple search engines from one interface. This Meta search engine can benefit users by saving them time and effort from having to individually visit multiple search engines in order to find the desired result. So, all the search engine organizations that want to be included in this new Meta search engine can send their email at for further details.


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