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Christmas is righteously joyous

Jesus Christ known to some as ´God´, to others ´Son of God´ and to many more out there as a ´Prophet of God´. And an increasing number of people, though suitably and conveniently enjoying Christmas Holidays, refuse to accept the spiritual and divine aspect of this mighty phenomenon living in the hearts and minds of millions of believers. Apostates, atheists or unbelievers with due respect to their individual beliefs, as suggested, must give Christmas holidays a suitable different name as that would be appropriate.

Many a times without understanding the sanctity of the day some of us interpret Christmas saying "Every year we get the same Christmas decorations, same jingle bell music piped throughout the stores and the same Merry Christmas being yelled from high and low. We all spend money on rubbish that we don´t really need or want". But then the question asked would be, do we care about tons of food we waste for the whole year when half of the world faces starvation?

Reverend Marjorie Walton in her pearled words using select vocabulary says "Christmas is a time of celebration, happiness and joy. It is a time for family and friends and a time of reflection and prayer, when we can refresh our faith in God and thank Him for His most precious gift; the gift of Jesus. Jesus showed us how to love one another in a compassionate and selfless way and so it is no surprise that we want to share the joys of Christmas with all those we love."

While sifting through the Scriptures, a logical open mind experiences gems talking only about good for the mankind. Human being privileged, bestowed with mercy to become part of the special specie, unfortunately, does not recognize the bounties thus offered. History is replete with hostile situations faced by all divinely appointed viceroys of Almighty Creator. Religion is maligned and targeted due to lack of understanding and or blaming or using as a pretext evil actions of some fake religious preachers, crooked power hungry politicians or bigots indulging in intolerance, fanaticism and extremism. Everything bad, gory and injustice in the world, though man-made is pinned on religion.

The true meaning of Christmas is a phrase commonly used to describe the sanctity of the spirituality aspect of the belief which is directly connected with day to day living to conduct in a manner befitting the special specie, human-being. It is accepted as a way of life having introspective and benevolent attitude rather than commercialization of the divine ordainment lamented by believers from times immemorial. Christmas has to have true meaning and laying an emphasis on the word ´true´ makes it ambiguously unreal.

The modern day controversy about Christmas occurs mainly in the western countries as more of these countries are becoming multi-cultural, multi-religious and cosmopolitan societies, a divinely ordained concept replaced by secularism. Though in essence the occasion pertains to the birth of Jesus Christ but in preference the days are renamed as unspecified holidays involving greetings, exchange of gifts and merry making talking more about Santa Claus a story, many believe, does not exist in Christianity. Some believe that Christmas is a festival plagiarized from pagan beliefs. Father Rob says "St. Nicholas Day became a day of gift-giving among many Christians, in imitation of Nicholas. His image was co-opted into the modern-day Santa Claus by commercial marketing, and the nomenclature has, sadly, stuck ever since".

On Christ's Second Coming Pastor Dan Jarrard says: "After the revival I asked the young man if he would like to give his life to Christ. To my horror he responded, No thank you. There´s no hurry. According to what you preached this week, if Jesus comes tonight I´ll have time to get right during the 7-year tribulation period. I want to have fun while I can. While driving home the next day, with his words pounding in my mind, I pledged to reinvestigate The Second Coming of Christ. And I discovered from God's Word: For the Lord himself will descend from heaven with a cry of command, with the voice of an archangel, and with the sound of the trumpet of God". (Thessalonians 4:16-17)

Richard Denton of BBC believes that Jesus survived the cross and escaped to Kashmir. On the cross, he went into a shock induced coma and probably He was presumed dead. The miraculous resurrection theory, he believes, was a mistake. It is also believed; Jesus had already been to India during years between 12 and 29, learned Buddha teachings and brought it back. He returned to India after crucifixion and carried on the Ministry in Kashmir until he died at the age of 80. Richard Denton also is believed to quote some evidence of His visit to India by referring to Hindu scriptures. So this mighty Messenger of God is believed to be buried in the capital city Srinagar of Kashmir State and that is where he went to fulfil His God's mission.

Rozabal, Srinagar Kashmir, attracts hundreds of curious visitors local and foreign every day. The single storey structure houses two graves one thought to be of Jesus Christ and the other of Syed Naseer-ud-din a local Sufi Saint. In the recent past, Christian historians from the west claim this to be the resting place for this mighty Messenger of God and in this connection are trying to persuade people of the area and authorities to exhume the remains for carbon dating or DNA testing. This being a sensitive religious issue, the local Muslim population has certain reservations but testing the remains might be a possibility sometime in future. It is noteworthy that Sufi saint's grave is facing the East being the Muslim burial tradition but the other grave thought to be of Jesus Christ faces towards west, believed to be a Jewish tradition.

The second coming of Jesus Christ is believed both by Christians and Muslims and eschatological resurrection theory has a huge significance and is basic to the belief of Christian faith. Roza Bal, Srinagar Kashmir burial site of Jesus Christ, as believed, can be a lot controversial and will be debated for a long time in future. In the BBC videos Richard Denton explains how Jesus Christ travelled to Kashmir giving some historical background and analysis.

Islam´s Holy book Qur´an, in the chapter named after Mary, talks about the birth of Jesus Christ "And she who guarded her chastity, Virgin Mary: We breathed into the sleeve of her garment through our Ruh (spirit) – Gabriel, and We made her and her son Jesus a sign for the mankind and jinn. (XXI: 91)

We consider Christmas as the encounter, the great encounter, the historical encounter, the decisive encounter, between God and mankind. He who has faith knows this truly; let him rejoice.
[Pope Paul VI]


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