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Sexuality could prevent heart attacks

I think that sexuality is only attractive when it's natural and spontaneous   -- Marilyn Monroe

The Telegraph revealed that having sex twice a week reduces chance of a heart attack by half. The report suggests "Although sex is regarded as good for physical and mental health, there is little scientific evidence to show the full benefits that frequent intercourse can have on major illnesses such as heart disease". The report further adds that "Every year, around 270,000 people in Britain alone suffer a heart attack, and coronary disease remains Britain’s biggest killer".

Too much of everything, as postulated, can be harmful and the principle applies to sexual orgies as well. The hunger, sometimes due to ignorance and unpreparedness, for engaging in sexual activity becomes a concern when too much of impatient un-arousing sex usually culminates in lack of interest or a condition characterised and distinguished by insatiable potency.

Passion, desire, amorous sexual feeling gets blood pumping which experts conclude is good for cardiovascular system and widely accepted as nourishment and stimulating for heart. The researchers at department of epidemiology at New England Research Institute believe that low frequency of sexual activity increases heart diseases and the finding indicates that having sex on a regular basis creates protective factor to keep heart in good nick.

The regulated sex for people with a history of heart ailments is robust depending on the urge and ability to have sex without indulging in extra physical activity or crestfallen instinctual active libido. In such circumstances having sex without proper environs and or being attracted to someone having just met can have negative repercussions and can at times be dangerous. Main thing is to make sure the situation is right so that one is ready fully charged up physically and emotionally to enjoy sex. The improved blood pressure in a positive relationship is helpful and nourishing for the heart and seeking medical advice is always advisable.

The top of the list of prerequisites are to maintain control on weight especially for a victim of diabetes, regular physical activity, and smokeless atmosphere a safeguard for narrowing and restricting of blood vessels, sugar intake, control on alcohol consumption and strict monitoring of blood pressure. Sex in simple terms is a process of reproduction, a natural process of organisms and if it did not provide the sought after pre and pinnacle enjoyment it would be a lacklustre, drab process and the incuriosity would perhaps mean end of the world.

To fight the highly effective killer disease medical science performed no fewer miracles by providing cure through new invented medicines, angiography, angioplasty, bypass surgery and in certain cases heart transplants etc. But in an emergency what can done to survive a heart-attack? A cardiologist has come out with some simple remedial measures help save the precious lives till medical help arrives to take care of the problem.

A person having a heart-attack due to improper beating or beginning to faint will have ten seconds left before losing consciousness. The initial step is to cough repeatedly and very vigorously and in between the coughs taking a deep and prolonged breath producing sputum from deep inside the chest. The process needs repeating about every two seconds till possibly heart is felt to be beating normally again. Deep breaths get oxygen into the lungs and coughing movements squeeze the heart to keep blood circulating. In such an emergency the best step is to seek medical help as quickly as possible.

Furthermore, plain, simple and inexpensive natural healer water can do wonders if the day is started with one fresh glass of water that keeps body parts healthy, in vitality and exuberance. One more glass of water after a bath or shower keeps blood pressure under control. Two glasses of water half an hour before meals helps digest the food in the best manner and finally half a glass of water just before going to bed saves a heart-attack.

Sexual potency is a major factor that guides people´s sex lives and experimentation takes place in the form of aphrodisiac agents believed to cause the mood of sexual desire. The name comes from the Greek goddess of love Aphrodite. Some aphrodisiacs appear to gain their reputation from oysters, due to their shape. The trade in phallic-looking Rhinoceros horn has the reputation from the apparent virility or aggressiveness of the animal source like a tiger penis. The use of rhino horn and tiger penis to enhance male sexuality is popular among Chinese.

Asafoetida is the food of the Hindu gods. Hindus (Pandits) habitually garnish their food with asafoetida, which many believe comes from pig´s feet. Basically this herb has some religious connotations as it is believed to be the food of the gods and is also known as the devil´s dung. Muslims, on the contrary, use garlic for this purpose and is believed to have an aphrodisiac effect which causes the arousal of the mood of sexual desire.

A survey report indicates that people out of fear ´needlessly avoid sex after heart attacks´. The study shows that men and women leaving hospital after heart attacks receive counselling to resume sexual activity. The study also found that "patients who had sex in the year following a heart attack were no more likely to die than those who were sexually in active, with mortality rates among both groups being similar".

"Most people value sexuality as an important part of life, whatever their health. In the UK, the current advice is that anyone who has had a heart attack should be able to have sex without risk to their heart once they are fit enough to walk briskly up two flights of stairs without getting chest pains or becoming out of breath. This is usually about four weeks after having a heart attack for most patients. Having sex will not put you at further risk of having another heart attack, although you can speak to your doctor for advice". The report concluded.


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