Samsung Galaxy S Duos S7562 Dual SIM Card


The Samsung Galaxy S Duos’ duel SIM card ability is an amazingly convenient feature for those who, like myself, are constantly on the move and need to remain connected at all times, as it allows you to receive two phone calls at once without interruption, making it the perfect tool for both business and keep a busy social schedule with friends and family.

Commuting and travel is simplified with the in-built GPS system which displays your current location, allowing you to input the address of your intended destination, and bingo! A detailed map displaying the route shows you exactly where you need to go, and roughly how long it will take you to get there. You are also able to have audio direction, which means that you will not be distracted whilst driving, or alternatively you can mute this feature and just have it as a display when on the go.

The Galaxy S Duos’ 5mp camera captures photos in crisp detail so that you need never miss a moment to share. There is also a video camera so you can record times well spent and share wireless to the internet.

This cell phone comes with 3G which enables users to search the internet whilst on the move, keeping you up to date with the latest news and devilments, social media, and entertainment. You can also connect wireless with any network with the in-built Wi-Fi feature. By switching to Wi-Fi conserves the valuable MBs of internet which depends on your tariff.

Powered by Android, this smart phone is capable of performing several tasks at once with easy to download apps from the play store, allowing you personalise your mobile phone in the way that you want to. This smooth and easy to use interface simplifies your interaction with the technology, making it idea for use in all walks of life.

You can currently get a Samsung Galaxy S Duos S7562 Duel SIM Card. This is the original and unlocked version making it compatible with all SIM cards and mobile/cell phone providers.  This is a real bargain for those that want a high-performance phone but for a small price.

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