Samsung Galaxy Grand presents sleek, easy to use alternative


The Samsung Galaxy Grand i9082 mobile phone comes with a 12.7cm large touchscreen in stunning detail. Font sizes have increased, making for a more interactive experience with content then on previous Samsung models. It is perfect for watching videos and movie on the move and provides a richer entertaining experience.
This cell phone comes with a duel core processor as standard, and like the Samsung Galaxy S Duos, the Galaxy Grand has a duel SIM card feature, which improves communications on the go without the need for multiple handsets. Users are able to receive calls whist speaking to other people so is perfect for those with a hectic business schedule, or for keeping in contact with friends or family, as the duel SIM cards work simultaneously.

So that you never miss a moment, the Galaxy Grand comes with an 8mp camera which takes images in stunning detail. You can upload photos to the internet directly and on the move by using the 3G feature which keeps you connected when out and about.
The Grand can connect to any Wi-Fi networks to instantly have you browsing the internet at high speeds. This also replaces the 3G connection so that you are not needlessly wasting valuable MBs

Powered by Android, these mobile cell phones are sleek and easy to use via the touch screen interface. Users can download a number of applications which best suits them, allowing for a more personalised user experience.

The in-built GPS system allows users to find their destinations with ease, as it pulls up your current location and the distance and time between you current destination. These detailed directions can be audible for when you are driving, or muted if you are walking around. The maps are detailed and a clear path is outlines so you know exactly which route to take.

Currently, the Samsung Galaxy Grand is now available. So, what are you waiting for?


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