New authors learn Book Self-Publishing Skills via Skype


Book self-publishing is the best option for any aspiring author or writer. If you are an aspiring author who wants to learn the art of book self-publishing, you should certainly attend this seminar being organized by

Agora Publishing is a reputed agency which offers book self-publishing services.  The agency offers complete assistance on different aspects of publishing a book, starting from book cover design to book marketing.  If you intend to learn everything that you need to know about getting your book published on your own, you should certainly attend this seminar.

The entry fee for the seminar is $100 and it will be conducted via Skype. You can attend this seminar from anywhere in the world. The seminar will be highly interactive and you can get answers to your questions about book self-publishing.  The crash course will also help you understand tricky aspects of book self-publishing such as ISBN registration, CIP registration, book cover design, marketing on social network etc.

You will also get to know about the self-publishing services offered by Agora Publishing, including full service option. The seminar will be very beneficial to all aspiring authors and writers. If you want to learn the art of book self-publishing, you should not miss this seminar. 

Other benefits of this seminar include:

Get information - you can interact with publishing experts and get information about the three important aspects of book publishing, mainly book typesetting, layout and copy editing. You can get answers to all your questions and queries, which will be helpful to you in getting your book published. These aspects of book publishing are quite tricky and learning from experienced individuals will help you. The knowledge gained from them can help you in smoothly getting your book published.

Get Expert Opinion - when you attend this seminar, you will get a chance to meet experts in the field of book publishing and other aspiring authors. You will be able to get their advice on various aspects of book self-publishing. In fact, you might even get tips on how to get your manuscript evaluated for free.  Typesetting and copy editing are important aspects which can determine if your book will be successful or no. Hence, it will be advantageous when you will listen to the experts and help them to guide you.


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