Anti-Aging: Marijuana Oil linked to Cancer Cure


In the last few years, marijuana has been frequently in the news. Multiple states across the United States and countries around the world have moved toward successfully legalized medical Marijuana, and the Uruguay parliament recently voted to create the first legal marijuana market in the world. Off late, people in general have been opening up to the fact that marijuana may not be harmful as has been presented after all. On the contrary it actually has a lot of health benefits.

Marijuana offers a wide range of health benefits and multiple medical and scientific studies have confirmed these benefits of marijuana. On the other hand, arguments against the use of marijuana are usually published in Psychiatric journals, which offer no scientific evidence to prove that marijuana is completely harmful to human health. Over the years, many studies have shown that marijuana could indeed be very helpful in curing life threatening diseases like cancer.

Rick Simpson is a Canadian man who is known for treating cancer patients with his signature hemp oil. An article posted in Cannabis Culture explains how Rick discovered the benefits of hemp oil in curing cancer.

After a serious head injury in 1997, Rick Simpson sought relief from his medical condition through the use of medicinal hemp oil. When Rick discovered that the hemp oil (with its high concentration of T.H.C.) cured cancers and other illnesses.”

After he found that hemp oil could actually cure cancer and also offer other benefits, Rick decided to share his story with the world. He wanted to help those who were suffering from cancer and were at the risk of dying. He wanted to offer them with a natural and affordable alternative through which they could get relief from this dangerous disease.

The article posted in Cannabis Culture also tells us how the authorities reacted to Rick’s story.

“Whe the story went public, the long arm of the law snatched the medicine - leaving potentially thousands of people without their cancer treatments - and leaving Rick with unconstitutional charges of possessing and trafficking marijuana!

Rick Simpson has built somewhat of a cult following for his work using oil extracted from the cannabis plant to treat cancer patients. It is believed that he has helped to cure hundreds inflicted with cancer, including several terminal cases. His popularity was boosted by the success of an internet documentary film, Run From the Cure, that was released in 2008. However, Rick Simpson’s success story has received very little attention from the mainstream media. 

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