Book Self-Publishing Seminar Helps Writers Globally


Self-publishing is not a new word anymore. You will be surprised to find how some of the best known authors started off by self publishing. E. L. James is a glaring example. When she wrote 50 Shades of Grey, she had no takers as publishers. She simply went ahead and self published the book. The rest is history. And this has been replicated worldwide in every country in last few years.


Getting a publisher to publish your book is a challenge. Each publishing house receives hundreds of manuscripts every year and less than 1% are  often actually picked up for publishing. What happens to 99% of the other aspiring writers? Most of them get lost in the crowd and abandon their wish of becoming authors. But the scenario has somewhat changed now and the number of deserters has diminished considerably. With so many companies now offering self publishing, many aspiring authors now have this new route to publish their books.


Thanks to an increasing number of online readers, self publishing has now found a new avenue. Self publishing today is not just about getting books printed. It is also about creating electronic books and selling through the largest digital book platforms, Amazon being one of the examples. Amazon and the other digital book platforms like Barnes & Noble and Kobo offer a range of options for authors to market and sell their books.


Agora is one of the premium authorities on the domain of self publishing. It offers the most interactive ways for aspiring authors to self publish. Most authors who plan on self publishing suffer from doubt. Self publishing costs money and one cannot be sure that their book will be accepted by the public or not. Through one-on-one interactive tutorials through Skype, Agora Publishing helps such aspiring authors to shake off their doubts and self publish.


These one-on-one consultative seminars are conducted by experienced authors who have successfully self-published many publications. By attending these seminars, aspiring authors are not just able to remove self doubt, but they also come to know about the intricacies of self publishing and how they can publish themselves. Aspiring authors can register for these one-on-one Skype seminars by calling (416) 996-3403 or sending an email to You should contact to learn more about the price of these seminars and the after seminar client services consulting support offered by them.


Agora has in its panel some of the most well-known consultants for authors. These consultants talk participants through their journey of life as authors. All these consultants have failure and success stories to share, stories that inspire aspiring authors. They also talk about the best self publishing platforms, the important terms and conditions related to self publishing and how to make money through self published books. Understanding the payment terms from self publishing is critical and these consultants are able to offer excellent views on this topic too.


Agora offers orientation seminars across Canada for authors interested in self publishing. With Agora Publishing willing to help, there is no need for you to wait for a publisher to call. You are able to take control of your passion (writing) and self publish. If you have that great manuscript that you think will work, self publishing is the way for you to go. And Agora Publishing will be with you when you need help on your book self-publishing project.


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