Book Self-Publishing: Register Today for Skype Tutorial


Aspiring authors, looking to learn about book self-publishing, should register today for the Skype tutorial offered by These one-on-one 1 hour tutorials will help aspiring authors learn the art of book self-publishing.

Book self-publishing is the best option for any aspiring author or writer. If you are an aspiring author who wants to learn the art of book self-publishing, you should certainly attend these tutorials being organized by through Skype. In these tutorials, you can discuss your book project with a published author from the convenience of your own home.

Agora Publishing is a reputed agency which offers book self-publishing services.  The agency offers complete assistance on different aspects of publishing a book, starting from book cover design to book marketing.  If you intend to learn everything that you need to know about getting your book published on your own, you should certainly attend this course. provides tutorials via Skype on book self-publishing which are aimed at providing a one-on-one consultative seminar that empowers writers to self-publish. As the tutorials will be conducted via Skype it will be convenient for you to attend them. They will be highly interactive and you can get answers to your questions about book self-publishing.  The crash course will also help you understand tricky aspects of book self-publishing such as ISBN registration, CIP registration, book cover design, marketing on social network etc.

The tutorials on book self-publishing from Agora Publishing will be helpful to aspiring authors as they will answer their queries and also clear some of their misconceptions about book self-publishing. Aspiring authors, who want to make sure that their book is a success, should enroll in these tutorials. These tutorials are provided by an experienced author who has been previously selected by public libraries to give presentations to writers.

Apart from the above, there are other benefits of attending the tutorials. You can interact with publishing experts and get information about the three important aspects of book publishing, mainly book typesetting, layout and copy editing. These aspects of book publishing are quite tricky and learning from experienced individuals will help you. The knowledge gained from them can help you in smoothly getting your book published. Through these tutorials, aspiring authors will be able to learn about the various aspects of book self-publishing and how to market the book to the target audience.

Register as soon as possible while space is available. Registration is limited. This one-hour crash tutorial includes subsequent on-going consultative support for authors who are working on a book project.

The cost of this package is $200.00. Pledges can be made through PayPal. To register, email with your first name, last name, details of your book project, and your availability for this "crash course" on book self-publishing, along with your Skype ID. The tutorial and on-going support can be conducted with or without video chat.

So, what are you waiting for? Register right away for these Skype tutorials and learn the art of book self-publishing.

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