Book Self-Publishing: Register Globally for Skype Tutorial


If you're an author looking to take up book self-publishing, then make sure that you register for’s one-on-one one hour tutorial right away while space is available. The fact of the matter is that book self-publishing is perhaps one of the best options available to authors and writers at the moment, and to make the most out of it, it is highly recommended that you register for the tutorials organized by AgoraPublishing on Skype right away.

Agora Publishing is a well-reputed agency that offer extensive book self-publishing services to aspiring authors and writers. Through the agency, you can acquire complete assistance over varying aspects of publishing a book. This includes steps ranging from designing a book cover to marketing the book. These Skype tutorials are a must try if you are interested in learning everything about getting your book published by yourself. However, considering that there are limited registrations, make sure that you hurry up and register as soon as possible.

The best part about the Skype tutorials being offered by AgoraPublishing,com is that writers and authors from all over the world can register for it. This means that no matter where you are located, you can easily acquire knowledge from true professionals about the in’s and out’s of self-publishing. Most interestingly this one-hour crash tutorial will also make it possible for aspiring authors and writers to acquire subsequent on-going consultative support if they are currently working on a book project.  

If what this course has to offer is of interest to you, then you may acquire more details by getting in touch through email on The same email address can be used for registration purposes. However, you will need to send in an email with basic information including your first name, last name, details of the book project that you are working on, and your availability for this crash course on book self-publishing together with your Skype ID. Please also remember that the tutorial, together with on-going support over book self-publishing can be conducted with or without video chat as per your preferences. 

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