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Elder Abuse: UN Consultant and Lund University PhD Candidate Condeming Mom to Slow Death

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A Lund University PhD candidate, Marcella Carby-Samuels, who has also worked for the United Nations has been implicated in a shocking case of elder neglect in her home country, Canada. In effect, the academic has ensured that her brother, Raymond Carby-Samuels is unable to have access to his disabled mother. This would be understandable if there had been any form of abuse on the part of her brother, Raymond Carby-Samuels, but on the contrary, the man had acted as his mother’s care-giver during a debilitating illness.

Ottawa woman improved under her son’s care

Under his care and with the help of a doctor whose services he had obtained, Raymond Carby-Samuels had secured remarkable improvements in his mother’s health through proper nutrition and dedicated care. At this point, Marcella Carby-Samuels intervened, concocting a false story that would see the Ottawa man legally barred from entering the parental home – and since his mother was disabled – effectively barring him from having any contact with his parent.

It would still be possible to see Marcella Carby-Samuels’ intervention in a positive light had her mother shared a desire to exclude Raymond Carby-Samuels from her life. But the elderly mother of two has made it clear that she longs to see her son and would like to spend time with him, at least on weekends. This reasonable request has, however, been denied her; and Christmas 2015 has been no exception.

At a time when families gather and put any personal differences behind them, Marcella Carby-Samuels and her father have remained adamant. There would be no contact between Mrs. Carby-Samuels and her son this Christmas or at any other time. If Mrs. Carby-Samuels had not been disabled, she would have been able to exercise freedom of choice, meeting her son outside of the family home, but since her mobility is impaired, this freedom is not available to her.

Negative impact of mother-son separation is unarguable

Meanwhile, Raymond Carby-Samuels is desperately worried about his mother, whom he has been unable to see since June 2015. He is aware that her physical condition has deteriorated considerably since he has been unable to care for her, and he worries about neglect. After all, how can an elderly man provide adequate nursing for his invalid wife? Even when Raymond Carby-Samuels had access to his mother, he would often find that his father had left her without food or water during the day while as he watched seemingly endless episodes of "Reality TV" shows like Storage Wars.

In the meanwhile, Marcella Carby-Samuels appears to be unconcerned about the effect her intervention has had both on family relations and her own mother’s health. So much so, that her brother believes that her actions are based on a strategy to obtain the maximum material benefit from her parents’ deaths and to ensure that these will not be long in coming.

Unbelievable though this may seem, the deterioration in her mother’s condition since Raymond Carby-Samuels’ exclusion form the home and his role as caregiver provides disturbing evidence that Marcella Carby-Samuels is not acting in her parent’s best interest.


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