Manipulative Aliens Pursue Silent Invasion of Earth

Are Manipulative Aliens pursuing a silent take over of Earth?  Are Earth's elites colluding with these Manipulative Aliens?  Variours investigative researchers and whistleblowers have suggested such collusions.  Some researchers and whistleblowers like David Icke have also suggested that these Manipulative Aliens are either operating among elites as "shapeshifters" with a human appearance or are "taking over" humans forms of abduction that include these Manipulative Aliens taking over human minds through "dream states" and other techniques and then "piloting' these human vessels.  These apparent result are aliens assuming leadership roles and then seeking to cover-up human reports of alien activities that include UFO sightings.

The video above is that of a whistleblower, and the video above is a trailer of TV series "V" which depicted human appearing aliens that were actually 'reptillians' that eventually officially came to Earth to seeking "friendship" but were actually seeking to complete an invasion scenario.


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