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Ottawa: Horace Carby-Samuels Denies Rights to Sick and Disabled Wife

In Kanata which is a suburb in Canada's capital, a man continues to subject his sick and disabled wife to the denial of her fundamental civil rights.  Horace Carby-Samuels, who is a retired professor, even denied Dezrin access to speech therapy that the Bruyere Hospital advised. Dezrin also has not seen her son, shown in the video about, since June of 2015!  Apparently, Horace did not like the fact that her son had been looking after his Mom including making her dinner and looking after her other healthcare needs. 

About three years ago, Horace in a violent spate had attacked Dezrin's son with a knife pointed at his stomach.  He ended up in the Emergency Room at the Ottawa Hospital.

Many people think that First Nations are at the bottom of our societal totem pole in terms of rights but arguably elderly women who are poor, sick and disemfranchised are below them.  Indeed, no organization specifically speaks in defence of the rights of elderly women in Ottawa specifically or Canada in general.  Police like the ones shown in the video above can do little unless they can get a court order to investigate abusive conditions.  As a result, elderly women can apparently become prisoners of their own home by an abusive able-bodied husband of suffer under the control of a nursing home or "extended care facility".

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