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Toronto Mount Sinai's Dr. Jerry Tenenbaum: Patient Claims He’s Useless

Doctors all over the world are revered and accorded with the much needed respect and decorum that they deserve by patients. This is mainly due to the fact that these doctors are the very people who most at times standsbetween a patient regaining his or her good health or losing the battle to welcome any consequences like death. However, it is very saddening and outrageous for you to visit a medical doctor and be treated in way that simply proves to you that your life is of no importance to him or her. This is something that most doctors do not wish to be associated with but there is one doctor who seems to exude such behaviour each and every single day.

Majority of reviews left on Ratemds.com about Dr. Jerry Tenenbaum portrays a very gloomy picture of his interpersonal relationship with his patients bordering on how he assesses their conditions.

This Dr. is useless. He is always in a rush (I am not sure why his office is almost empty when I go). I explained to him that my lymph nodes are swollen he tells me to get my family dr. to make a referral for a neck ultrasound...why can't he make the referral? Now I have to go to my family Dr. to make an appointment (waste of the health care system). Then once the ultrasound is done I have to go back the family dr. to get a copy of the report (which is important because the technician said to me my lymph nodes are on the larger side of normal so I have to worry about lymphoma and should get ultrasounds once per year to monitor) but of course the hospital forgets to send the report to the family dr. My point here, he should be dealing with this, it is because of my sojgerns syndrome that I needed the tests in the first place. Now he doesn't even know that I should get the tests done once per year-because the lab report is somewhere in the wind but even if he did know he would probably make me go to the family dr. to make the referral every year ugh) When my endocrinologist wants a test done she makes the referral and so should my rheumatologist. He did initially diagnose my condition but any rheumatologist can order blood work and read the lab results all in all, he treats his practice like a McDonalds drive through and he is pretty useless.

This is an undiluted review that was posted on ratemds.com by a patient who had to visit Dr. Jerry Tenenbaum due to a medical condition.

When a patient is able to comment about someone who has passed through all the necessary channels and processes to become a medical practitioner as being useless, then it means there is something wrong somewhere and the earlier things are put in order the better it will be for everyone. The medical profession is such that one should always be willing to show love, care and concern for every patient that enters his or her consulting room. When patients are able to sense the show of these feelings by their doctor, there is an inward reaction which assures them that everything will be fine. The kind of feelings that a mothers shows to her child should not even be on the same level as that of a medical doctor. However, Dr. Jerry Tenenbaum, according to the reviews of many former patients on ratemds.com, simply exudes with negativity towards the medical profession which he extends to all of his patients.

There are always bad seeds in every profession but the ability of the concerned authorities to deal with such people without fear or favour is what endears that profession to the general public.


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