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Aliens and Elites: Max Spiers RIP Exposes the Hidden Controllers of the World

We all know and believe that at some point we are controlled by some forces we do not know or cannot put a finger to. We can always feel them every time we turn on the television, listen to the radio and even at work the force and tension  is always there, hard to see but easier to feel. Some might say it is just anxiety, but when it turns to fear then there is a problem, a problem not easier to solve. Most may ignore it as mare instability in the economy, as stress, only few people like Max Spiers would try and not fail to expose the real perpetrators, behind it, for who they are. It does not only take determination to do this but courage and strength is a must have if you are to dare into the uncharted territory of the few elite.

In his very recent video marked July 22, 2016 he exposes a committee of the few ruling elite, a committee he only describes as the Committee of 300. He takes a look at the often seen and unseen controlling families as well as the ETs that run our Mother Earth.  As dangerous as this committee is, Max does not shy away from the truth and tells it as it is, the nerve, strength and audacity to expose these people for who they are is what makes him even more admirable. He leaves us wanting more and more of this secret society and what it is all about and to what end will they go just to make sure they are not replaced.

The truth is often what nobody wants to hear but it is the truth and as much as it sets things right it often leaves many whys with it. Max has done his part and left us with a great deal of important information. In so many levels he has managed to answer most of the questions that bug us at night.


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