Grey Alien Captured on Wildlife Camera in Great Britain

A grey alien being was captured on a wildlife camera in Shawbury, Great Britain on 9 Oct, 2016 at 3:31 AM. This report has been obtained from a testimony included in the database of the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) published on 10 Oct, 2016.

The witnesses begin the report by telling us that they have a wildlife camera on their property, which is located near the RAF Shawbury airbase in Shropshire.

“We have a Bushnell Natureview Wildlife camera that we have out at the back of our property which is secured to a fence post and about a foot off the ground. It faces North towards our property which is located just North of RAF Shawbury airbase in Shropshire UK.”

They say that the camera is set up to take still images of anything that sets of the infrared trigger

“The camera is set up to take still images of anything that sets of the infrared trigger and has 32 no glow LED lights so not to spook any anaimls when it triggers.”

They then tell us how the camera was triggered by a fox at the time of the incident.

“This morning at 3:31 AM UK time it was triggered by a fox and a still image was taken by the wildlife camera. The image was stored onto a 32GB memory card.”

The witnesses further describe what they saw when they examined the image later.

“When we checked it today to see any images we noticed that on this particular trigger at 3:31 AM in the left of the frame was a strange looking head or top half of the body of what looks like one of those grey alien type things you see on the TV in movies etc.”

They say that the grey alien seemed to be approaching and looking straight at the camera.

“In the image it is to the left of the frame and looks like it is approaching the camera and looking straight at it.”

They then describe how the camera uses a method to take images not visible to the human eye but the alien was still able to notice it when it was capturing an image of the fox.

“Now when this type of wildlife camera triggers it uses no glow or black flash infrared technology which the human eye cannot see. So whatever this thing was to us it seems as though it noticed the camera triggering and taking the still image!”

The witnesses then tell us that they have never seen anything similar in their lives.

“We have never ever seen anything like this before in our lives and apart from the odd fox and rabbit certainly nothing on our camera like this.”

They say that the being captured on the image does not look human and feel that it can be connected to weird things happening at the nearby RAF airbase.

“It does not look human to us at all and now we are actually scared to thing that we may have extraterrestrials running around our land! There have been some pretty weird things going on at night at the nearby airbase so is this connected?”

The above quotes were edited for clarity.

UFO researchers have often alleged that the air forces of many countries are in contact with aliens and are developing new technologies with their help.

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