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Alien Orb Sprays Florida Town With Mist - Child Becomes Sick

An infant fell sick after an alien orb allegedly sprayed Florida town with mist on 13 Dec, 2016 at midnight. This report has been obtained from a testimony included in the database of the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) published on 2 Jan, 2017.

 The witness begins the report by describing what he was doing at the time of the incident and describes seeing a wall of blue plasma lights.

"About 12:15 i went to let my dog out. Looked up at the sky above the field of satellite, HAARP and cell phone towers and saw that there was a wall of blue plasma like lights."

He then gives a brief description of the blue wall and talks about the movement of orbs near it.

"To the left the sky looked as if it was sunrise. In the middle of the blue wall was a black cloud like funnel. Next to the cloud like funnel was two orbs dancing around the funnel."

After that the witness talks about watching the orbs dance for a few hours with his wife.

"Called my wife to see everything and for the next few hours we watched as the orbs danced around the funnel. The funnel then became more defined and looked more like a tower."

He then talks about the movement of the orbs and says that it was 4 AM in the morning.

"One of the orbs went into the top of the tower and moved like a gyrosphere, the other orbed stayed stationary to the top and to the left of the tower. It was now about 4 am."

He further describes how the two orbs merged and the blue lights gradually fell looming over the horizon till sunrise.

"The tower dissipated and we heard and felt very loud rumbles. The two orbs then merged and shot up. The wall of blue lights gradually fell just looming over the horizon until sun up around 7 am."

He describes the experience as a movie as the blue lights dissipated a fog.

"It was like a movie, as the blue lights dissipated a fog rolled in instantly blanketing the entire region until about 10 am and the fog disappeared like it was turned off by a switch."

The witness then talks about the events of the following day and how his infant became sick. He finally tells us that they continue to encounter weird phenomenon by their house.

"Next day there was lots of air traffic. They seemed like they were spraying something by night the town was covered with mist falling from the sky. Our house smelled like chemicals and our infant became sick. We continue to see weird phenomenon by our house."


Do you believe that this report is accurate? Have you ever come across anyone who fell ill due to alien activity?



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