Manipulative Aliens Infiltrate Bible


Comments on the above YouTube video -

The video above is a very simple explanation about aliens in the Bible that comes from Sumerian Tablets.  I do not agree that the Bibles Adam and Eve were the first man an woman on earth I believe mankind is millions of years old.  Christians need to come to terms with this Alien Scam.  Other than that, I agree with almost everything this moderator is talking about.

The Adam and Eve story in Genesis chapter 2 was not supposed to have been placed in that spot in the Old Testament.  It was the story of human alien hybridization in ancient Samaria, not the creation of modern man.  Genesis Chapter 1 has a very different creation story.

This moderator David Voss evidently believes that mankind was created 6000 years ago, which is a Christian belief not a scientific fact.  David Voss assumes that mankind came from this Sumerian Adam and Eve alien human hybrid cloning attempts in ancient Sumeria, which is a problem the Church needs to deal with because it is not at all accurate.

Other than that these demonic fallen beings (Nordic Aryan Alien "Fallen Elohim Watchers" and their counter part the "Reptilians" do exist and David Voss shares with you their story.

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