UFO Researcher Speaks About His Own Abduction


Date: 29 January, 2017.

Place: not mentioned.

On 29 January, YouTube user UAMN TV released a video about a lecture given by ufologist Chris Agustin.

Mr Agustin, creator of the website AliensTheTruth.com, related his own experience with extraterrestrial beings.

“I’m coming to you to tell my experiences”, he said. “It started in 1999. I witnessed a large, triangular craft moving very slowly over Washington, New Jersey, from west to east”, he expressed.

“I followed my way, wrote down [the incident] in my notes, and wrote to field investigators. They pretty much told me that triangular UFOs are very common in all the East Coast area”, Mr Agustin asserted. He also affirmed that the only sound the object emitted was “a vibration”. “I heard nothing; there was no sound. All I did hear or feel was a vibration or a hum in the air, kind of like a pulsing”, he stated.

Finally, the unidentified object disappeared behind a group of trees, according to him.

Then, Mr Agustin continued speaking about a traumatic experience he had on 15 May, 2002. “For several nights, I had a ringing in my left ear and found blood stains on the bed covers”, he said. However, one of those nights, he surprisingly found “a triangular-shaped bruise” above his ankle, on the inside of his lower leg.

He said that, a few days later, on 23 May and on 01 June, he suffered this same sort of experiences.

The lecturer affirmed that these events could be related to “abduction memories” he had. “I was waking up at nights, and I honestly felt that there was something off in the house; something just did not feel right”, he commented. “I woke up one night and I instantly had like a flooding of memories, like flashbacks of something that just happened […] it really blew my mind”.

“I remember being on cold metallic surface. I couldn’t look up; I could hear small, naked feet running around me. I felt a female presence to my right that was familiar, but I couldn’t exactly place it; and I knew that there was something else”, he added. “I knew I was no longer in my bed, in my bedroom”, he expressed.

“Honestly, I feel these things happen for a reason. I think I was spiritually and emotionally ready to handle what these experiences might mean, whatever they are”, Mr Agustin affirmed.

Draw your own conclusions…

For further information:

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Chris Augustin from Aliens the truth explains his own UFO abductions and the mysterious implant in his leg. Chris shares his theory about aliens and abductions and tells of his experience at Area 51.

His fields of study include Area 51, crop circles, hauntings, alien abductions, and his experience, witnessing a large triangular black UFO, having a missing time episode, and sharing abduction experiences with his wife. He discovered an unknown foreign body in his leg as a direct result of these encounters, which has been documented by ultrasounds.

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