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UFO: Alien Planet X Nibiru Caught On Video

Alien enthusiasts from across the planet are sharing footage which allegedly shows the alien Planet X travelling through the galaxy and coming very close to planet earth, as reported by the Daily Star. In fact, many UFO and alien researchers are of the opinion that Planet X is getting closer to earth with each passing day. They even claim that the planet may be several times bigger than our sun.

For years, alien researchers have predicted that this giant hidden planet is set to collide with Earth leading to catastrophic consequences. They claim that Planet X can cause the destruction of our planet leading to the extinction of life as we know it. Researchers like John Moore claim that global warming caused by humans is a giant conspiracy of the government to prepare themselves for a major climate change.

Alien enthusiasts claim that governments and world leaders have hidden evidence of Nibiru from the public to avoid mass hysteria and chaos. However, the evidence may not remain hidden for long. Someone posted a video on YouTube showing what appears to be a giant second sun over Manila Bay, in the Philippines.

YouTube users have even agreed with the assertion that the object on video is Planet X. One commenter wrote that the video provided irrefutable evidence of the existence of alien Planet X or Nibiru.

"In a nutshell, this is irrefutable evidence/proof of a second sun."

Another mentioned that the planet is getting closer and might be bigger than our sun.

"It's getting closer with each passing day and from the looks of it, it may be several times larger than our sun.

One of them talked about the devastating effect it can have once it enters our solar system.

"I cringe to imagine what its effects will be on us as it gets into our immediate solar system."

However, some of the viewers were not convinced that the object shown in the video is Planet X.

Do you believe that Planet X is on a collision course with earth?

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