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Bright-Red Archontic Alien Being Seen in Quebec

A retired Law Enforcement officer from Sorel-Tracy, Quebec recalls sighting a bright-red archontic alien being in 1979. This report has been obtained from a testimony included in the database of Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) published on 18 February, 2017.

The witness begins the report by describing what prompted him to report the sighting after so many years. He also talks about the time of the incident.

"I am reporting this sighting after having viewed your program Hangar 1. What I am reporting to you people happened in 1979."

He talks about sighting a bright red object hovering over a power plant while he was patrolling his sector.

"I was a police officer patrolling my sector when I saw this bright red (same as a road flare) spherical object hovering over a power plant."

He says that the incident took place before sunset.

"It was before Sunset and many others saw this phenomena which was very visible for more than a minute."

He says that he and other people pulled their vehicles to observe it and then the he was questioned about the nature of the object by the other witnesses.

"I pulled my police-cruiser on the shoulder to observe this and other vehicles did the same. As anticipated, I was asked what the object was by the people witnessing the same thing and I couldn't answer them."

He then tells us that the alien object disappeared in no time. He further talks about news report of the incident.

"Whatever it was, it didn't last long and disappeared out of sight leaving no trace at all. It was only a few days later I read in our local paper that an unidentified flying object had been reported and had been catalogued as a U.F.O."

The witness then tells us that he still possesses a clipping of what he had read in the paper.

"I never officially signalled this incident before to anyone but do still have in my possession a clipping of what I had read in the paper."

He then explains why he reported the incident to MUFON.

"Why I am reporting this to your organization is because of what you seem to be requesting of the public through your program."

He provides some details about himself and exclaims that the information provided by him might be valuable.

"I am now retired and 62 years of age. I have donated a kidney in 2009, have suffered a heart attack in 2011 and was operated for a skin cancer. My life funnel, like everyone else is narrowing and for whatever this information can be of value for you, I'll leave that up to you to decide."

The above quotes were edited for clarity.

Do you think that the alien entity was refuelling/ energizing over the power plant?

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