Ottawa's Best Hot Cross Buns For Easter


Are you seeking artisanal / homemade quality hot cross buns for this Easter in our nation's capital?

Had enough of the same “sketchy” mass produced tasting ones offered my supermarkets and not-so-delicious tough ones in local bakeries?

I urge you to try the ones baked by Life of Pie in Old Ottawa South.

I'm not a big fan of hot cross buns in general.

However, these ones are baked to perfection.

Life of Pie's hot cross buns are well-balanced in seasons without being overly sweet like the ones that I have tried elsewhere in Ottawa.

Life of Pie fuses a great bakery with a down-to-earth café atmosphere which presents an alternative to Second Cup, Starbucks and other café chains.


Lie of Pie - 1134 Bank St, Ottawa, ON K1S 3X6

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