Ottawa's Best Biscuits and Scones


Are you seeking artisanal home quality scones in our nation's capital?

I have tried many scones / biscuits.

Most scones that I have tried in Ottawa don't meet my standards for a repeat buy – either too tough and taste like they have been made with sub-standard ingredients.  Using a high quality butter is key to a great scone.

I bake my own which I have been told are better than the ones which they have tried in the Amercian south.

Many people rave about the Scone Witch.

Personally, I have gotten a bit of a not-do-pleasant “flat” after taste eating their scones with an extra side of “attitude” by the servers at the New Edinburg location.

My bet for the absolutely best scone / biscuit I have tried is at the Life of Pie.

If you want an A plus scone, ask for the roasted red pepper and cheese scone.  As you can see in the photo which accompanies this article, it's magnificient.

Life of Pie is obviously using a high quality butter and a good quality cheese component.  You will also get an occasional flavour of pepper for a delicious flavour contrast.  There is also no weird preservatives or other additives in this scone unlike so many other scones out there – especially the ones you will find at local supermarkets.

My second favourite scone at the Life of Pie is the honey and almond one.

So, stop cheating yourself with crappy scones.  Try the ones at Life of Pie.  Send me a note if you try it and know of a better scone in Ottawa – but I doubt it!

: 1134 Bank St, Ottawa, ON K1S 3X6

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