John Summers: Help Support Petition Against Ottawa Lawyer


There is one lawyer who I have heard plenty about, and definitely not in a good way.  And, that is John Summer who is with the Bell Baker law firm in Ottawa which is on Lisgar Street near to the Ottawa City Hall.

Just watch the above video to learn more about the path of destruction that this lawyer has pursued that seeks to take woman's rights in this country back  more than 100 years.

For more than 500 days, a sick and disabled woman has been subjected to confinement and blocked visitation access.  Through boldface lies, John Summers while referring to himself as a “family man” has hypocritically sought to interefere with a mother's and son's desire to see each other without the inteference of a spouse.  John Summers and his client have sought to enforce conditions of abuse involving forced isolation.

John Summers disregarded a court order by Ontario Superior Court Justice Patrick Smith on 11 Febuary 2016 and most recentlyJustice MacLeod informal endorsement on 24 March 2017.

Join growing public indignation against John Summers who has ignored standards of ethical conduct which govern lawyers.

Join a public letter writing campaign by sending an email to Bell Baker asking that law firm to stop participating in human rights abuses.

Send emails HERE.   Contact us to send donations via PayPal in support of a Legal Fund.

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