A Mother's Day Appeal: How the Ottawa Police and a Law Firm Form Lynch Mob Against a Son's Fight For His Mom

This Mother's Day, we celebrate our love for our Mothers.

However, this coming Tuesday, 16 May 2017, the Ottawa Police in apparent association with the Bell Baker firm is seeking to pursue a Motion in the Ottawa Court to declare a son to be a “Vexatious Litigator”.  In so doing, the Ottawa Police and the abusive husband seek to not only prevent the son of the abused Mother from pursuing court action against both the Ottawa Police and abusive husband, but ever talking about it with members of the media or even with friends and family.

Tuesday's sought sweeping Motion that violates the very integrity of free speech and our ability as citizens to challenge the corporations that seek to abuse our rights through the court system or simply by spreading social awareness, is a threat to us all.

Perhaps the only sanction that is not being sought against the desire of a son to support the well-being of his mother is public flogging and other state-sactioned torture as practiced in certain countries in the Middle East and elsewhere.

If the Bell Baker law firm gets its way this Tuesday, any corporation based upon common law precedents will be empowered to unilaterally declare – however truthful your story of unfair treatment; social injustice; discrimination; abuse or even bad customer service at a local restaurant – that you have “slandered” them.  Such a company or organization like the local police will then be able to demand through the court system that you pay a “substantial indemnity” to quote Bell Baker and/or get a court to order that you can never “cause your story to be published”.

What you hear about the Ottawa Police in the mass media only begins to scratch the surface of the human rights abuses of a clique of officers.

And now it has become apparent that even Moms can be subjected to the apparent “archons” in the police who apparently get a bizarre high from feeding off negative emotions which include fear, hopelessness, pain and suffering.

Many police officers sought their career for noble reasons but there are also those police officers who are little more than apparent criminals with badges who seek to exploit their position of authority to reign terror against targeted groups without any fear of accountability.  Unfortunately, many of these constables rise to the top, and then seek to cover up the unlawful activities of lower ranking officers who are a part of their “clique”.

Even the Ombudsman for Ontario has noted the human rights abuses the go on in the Ottawa Police Services that are always accompanied by some pitiful justification that whatever their abuse they were “just doing their job”.

One activity that a clique of Ottawa Police officers seems to enjoy is kidnapping homeless people and then dropping them is rural areas outside of Ottawa.

A lawless group of apparent “archons” within the Ottawa Police apparently like to target black people, First Nations groups, the working poor, homeless people and any other group who they view as lacking a strong voice.  So, rather than helping protect Dezrin from her abuser, this same apparent group joined her abuser in concocting a lie that Raymond suffered from “mental illness” so they could help perpetuate the same kind of oppression that the Ottawa Police has sought to inflict against other Canadians.

It is apparent that the Ottawa Police in apparent association with the Bell Baker law firm in Ottawa that works for the abusive husband is seeking to not only prevent the abused Mother from ever seeing her son again; but also to prevent the son from also fighting litigation to enable him to reunite with his Mother.

The Bell Baker law firm in apparent collusion with the Ottawa Police Services also furthermore appears to be seeking to prevent Raymond, the son from even supporting social awareness about the plight of his Mother and any public criticism by the son might have against the activities of the abusive husband along with his law firm that has sought to spread lies in tandem with the activities of the Ottawa Police.  In January 2013, the abusive husband had committed bodily assault against the son with a kitchen knife which required many months of reconstructive surgery.  By getting Raymond to be declared a “Vexatious Litigant”, Bell Baker seeks not only to prevent Raymond and his Mother from ever seeing each other again but also from such serious matters going before the court, along with those involving Detective Robert Griffin who in plain clothes and in an unmarked car stalked Raymond for months, uttering threats and subjecting him to harassment.

On 24 March 2017, Justice Macloed encouraged John Summers who is the Bell Baker lawyer of the abused husband to ensure that Dezrin has not been “held prisoner” by accompanying a Rabbi to visit Dezrin to ascertain her wishes.  But, John Summers' client rejected the requested independent verification.

Dezrin who has become physically disabled under conditions of abuse and neglect since 12 June 2015 when Raymond and his Mother last saw each other, remains an apparent prisoner by her husband and under the enforcement of archons in the Ottawa Police.

On this Mother's Day, thanks to the unlawful activities of the Ottawa Police and one law firm in Ottawa, for the second year, a son who has previously celebrated every Mother's Day with his Mother will be without his Mother.

However, this story is not just about the plight of a son for his Mother, but concerns how the activities of the Ottawa Police and one law firm have sought to use this shocking case now in court to threaten the fundamental rights and freedoms of all Canadians that we have taken for granted.

Dezrin Carby-Samuels is not only a retired Registered Nurse, but a person of great empathy and compassion who has volunteered for her community Raymond has said.

Raymond adds that “Dezrin has been nothing short of a role model of a human being.”

But, she became subject to abuse at the hands of her husband.  Raymond, like any other loving and responsible son sought to protect his Mom from that abuse and help her recover from a condition that she was diagnosed to have.

In response, her husband “hired” Ottawa Detective Robert Griffin and his cabal operating within the Ottawa Police to perpetuate the apparent Hell on Earth at her Kanata home that Dezrin has suffered.  When Raymond had looked after his Mom, she was able-bodied and looking potentially forward to recovering from her condition.  But her abusive husband used the police to evict and unlawfully block the son from seeing her on property she jointly owned.  The result was that Dezrin was without the protection of her son who had sought to prepare meals that would bolster her recovery.

The so-called Elder Abuse Unit of the Ottawa Police under the auspices of an apparent lawless group of archons headed by Detective Robert Griffin literally threw Dezrin into full-time abusive conditions of her husband.

Archons in the Ottawa Police not only prevented her son's access to care giving for his Mom, but also by local social serve agents that Detective Robert Griffin subjected to apparent threats when he visited them on 15 June 2015 after Raymond and his Mom last saw each other in an office space that these social service agents were able to secure after Raymond's lawyer had sent a legal demand letter to John Summers' client.  The result was that within weeks from being without her son in late April 2015, Dezrin could no longer walk, write or talk.

Raymond cried for days when he last saw his Mother on 12 June 2015 and saw how neglected she was, and how the Elder Abuse Unit under Detective Robert Griffin was lying the whole time that she was doing “okay” and was “just fine”.

If you view yourself as having the right to spread social awareness on your truthful negative experiences with corporations and to sue corporations without fearing being declared a “Vexatious Litigant” that would suspend your constitutional rights to pursue compensation for damages in court and to be able to express yourself through mass media organizations or the social media, it may important for you to show your solidarity, and if you can, and come to the Ottawa Courthouse at 9:30 am this coming Tuesday, 16 May 2017.  As you celebrate Mother's Day today, a lot may be riding on basic rights and freedoms this Tuesday that you now take for granted.