Alien Home Invasion Occurs Against Washington State Shower User

Date: 16 April, 2017.

Place: Kent, Washington State, United States.

Just a few days ago, on 16 April, a very strange event occurred in the city of Kent, Washington.

According to an anonymous report published on UFO specialised website, a “very little creature that looked like a humanoid” burst into a house and assaulted its owner.

“On Easter evening, I've decided to take a hot bath and shaved my face as I soaked. When the water finally turned cool, I turned on the shower to rinse off and thought I heard my mother's voice asking me a question on the other side of the door”, the unnamed Kent resident stated. “I called out to my girlfriend as I shut off the shower water to ask her if she asked me something and she responded telling me ‘no’. I turned the shower back on again because I was covered in soap still and began to rinse the soap off. I turned around away from the shower head and I was face-to-face with a very strange little creature that looked humanoid but very odd”, he continued.

The scared witness said that this creature “had a big head and no defined muscles under its skin, but reddish blue type veins under its skin that appeared translucent”. He also affirmed that its eyes were “small and beady”, and also “was totally nude and sexless”.

However, things would still get worse. “It [the creature] didn't seem to have any type of emotion, but when I asked what it was or who it was, this strange little voice entered my head (not my ears) as if it was telecommunicating with me and it replied "Easter Bunny", and the little creature smacked me in the face with an open hand”, the witness related.

“Its hand, by the way, had three fingers which appeared to be squishy and padded. When it hit me I was scared but it made me mad when I realised it hit me. My face immediately felt like it was on fire and I could smell my skin burning slightly, which smelled a lot like burnt hair”, the author of the report expressed.

This person affirmed that he tried to catch the creature with his towel, but “the very second that the towel went behind its head, it disappeared”.

Draw your own conclusions…

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