Las Vegas, Nevada Resident Describes Alien Abductions

Date: 10 April, 2017.

Place: Las Vegas, Nevada, United States.

On 10 April, Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) website (one of the most famous sources of UFO reports) received a shocking writing from an anonymous and desperate Las Vegas resident who claimed to have had “issues with all [sort of] species and entities”.

“I have been a witness and test subject to my own disbelief. I can no longer believe my experiences have only been subject to God/Devil analogies”, this person said. “I am not a man of religion, yet I have tried to accept all human points of view as positive experiences since reality will state that no good has come from my personal experiences to benefit my personal life”, he added.

The Nevadan citizen affirmed that his strange experiences started four years ago. “I would say these ‘issues’ started in 2013 and are continuously haunting me. I have been taken out of the normal timeline that I have been accustomed to and seen other realities of existence or possible existence”, he stated.

The confused witness added: “I have trust issues with all species and entities, scientific viewpoints, and religious viewpoints and prefer good old-fashioned communication for I have experienced communicating with the living, the dead, and others I am not sure how to explain, so I prefer in-person contact”.

He also claimed that since he started dealing with these ‘issues’, his ethical values have gradually disappeared. He said: “I can no longer discern good from evil intentions of others. I have become financially bankrupt and morally corrupted. I know my deeds are all well intended, but I don't know if I am causing harm to those I am not peripherally aware of. I have been taken and or sent on a journey with no end in sight, even after my corporeal existence comes and goes”.

“I will allow all medical inspection possible and conversation dictation. I have had to dispose of all my notes, drawings, impressions because nobody would believe me because I always start my conversations with a frame of reference others don't want to hear or consider”, he affirmed. “Please help if you can”, he expressed.

Draw your own conclusions…

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