Aliens: Filmmaker Randall Nickerson Relates His Own Abduction Experience


Date: 05 January, 2017.

Place: not mentioned.

On 05 January, YouTube user and extraterrestrial life researcher Alien Abduction published an excerpt of a documentary about a frightening experience that American TV producer Randall Nickerson lived a few years ago.

According to the filmmaker, four alleged alien beings irrupted into his house and took him to their craft.

“I had gone to bed that night, when four of these beings came into my house, and I was still awake lying down in my bed. I don’t know when they came from or how, but they came in very fast into the room heading towards me and then they were all down the side of my bed”, he declared. “I turned to face them and I literally thought I was going to die”, he continued.

Mr Nickerson affirmed that the entities “measured 3ft 11 and appeared to be very cold”. “It’s very, very disturbing to be in a room with something that isn’t supposed to exist”, he commented.

However, in reference to the details of the experience, the filmmaker could not describe it because “it’s too personal”. “I was taken on the craft to some very contained room, and I can’t talk about what was done there because it’s too personal”, he said with tears in his eyes.

An alien researcher that appears in the documentary mentioned that “this [alien abductions] has been going on for decades, maybe not at the rate that it has been lately [happening], but nobody knew who to report this to”.

This documentary also encouraged other people to share their own experiences. For example, YouTube user Nomebear wrote: “There's so much that happens because of the abductions. One lives in abject isolation with their secret, that one they think that no one will understand. One never fits in with any group of people because of the secret. Whatever the group or box is, the abductee is always apart from, always outside the box, seldom feeling apart of”.

“There is a blocking that occurs. It's where at some level you know that what is being presented to you isn't what is actually there”, he added.

Draw your own conclusions…

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