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UFO: Glowing Alien Orb Spotted Flying Over Canterbury, Great Britain

A glowing alien orb was spotted flying over Canterbury, Great Britain on 28 May, 2017 at 1:20 AM. This report has been obtained from a testimony included in the database of Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) published on 28 May, 2017.

The witness tells us that he took a short video of the night sky from his window.

"I took a 30sec long exposure of the night sky from my window at around 1:30am using my mobile phone (Huawei P9)."

He then says that the video captured the alien object that was very different from other things in the image.

"It captured this object which is considerably different to anything else in the image, (background stars etc.)."

The witness further tells us that his camera did not move when it captured the object.

"The camera was completely stationary during the exposure."

He the talks about looking at the night sky the night before and spotting a star-like alien object that flickered.

"The night previous, I spent a long time looking at a particular star which was flickering red and blue."

He also says that the object captured in the images appeared in the same place in the sky where the star-like alien object appeared the night before.

"And this object seems to have appeared in a similar area of the sky."

Finally, he provides a brief description of the shape of the alien object.

"It has a distinct form, almost like a donut or globular sphere."

The above quotes were edited for clarity.

Star-like alien objects was seen by thousands of people around the globe. In fact, they make a majority of the UFO sighting reports submitted to MUFON and other similar organizations. Is it possible that these alien objects shape-shift and resemble stars to hide their true identity? Are they spacecrafts sent by manipulative aliens called Archons to keep an eye on us?

Dr. John Lash, in his research mentions that according to the Gnostic Texts called the Nag Hammadi, the rulers in the world are controlled by inter-dimensional entities called the Archons. These Archons are demonic aliens who rule humanity through their supernatural ability of mind control, and they intend to destroy humanity.

Do you think that the alien Archons operate and control UFOs and send them to keep an eye on us? Are our elites aware of the nefarious agenda of these manipulative alien beings?

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