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UFO: Alien Lights Photographed in Brossard, Quebec

Alien lights, invisible to the naked eye, were photographed by a resident of Brossard, Quebec on 15 May, 2017. Btossard is a suburb of Montreal.  This report has been obtained from a testimony included in the database of Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) published on 19 June, 2017.

The witness tells us that his condo is situated on Nun's Island and he is passionate about photographing sunrise and moonrise.

"My condo is on 28th floor on the shore of St-Lawrence river, on an island, Nun's Island. I have a large balcony, facing south. My passion is to photograph sunrise and moonrise."

He describes how he took pictures of moonrise on the night of the sighting and says that he need not check the pictures for a month.

"At night of 15 May, 2017, I saw the moon was rising, so I set up a tripod and took a picture towards south shore (Brossard). I used speed and 1/4 second. I did not check my pictures at the time until a month later."

He tells us that he found that the pictures have captured a strange alien object that was not visible to the naked eye when he checked the pictures.

"I saw this picture that captured a mass strange lighted objects in the sky, which were invisible at all to my eyes at that time."

The witness then says that his camera has photographed alien objects in the past as well.

"This is NOT the only time I caught mass lighted objects in my camera. Last year, I had them twice."

He talks about a similar incident in Feb, 2016 when he photographed a strange object flying over the river.

"One event happened in Feb, 2016 was rather stranger. I saw a mass of very strange cloud formed right above the river in only a small portion of the area. So I took a picture that captured a mass flying stuff over the river. They were also invisible to my eyes."

He goes on to describe another similar sighting in May, 2016 when his camera captured alien objects on a full moon night.

"Last May, a full-moon night, it happened in the same way. Since it was night shooting, I used long exposure, 10 to 13 seconds. The lighted objects stayed still to me."

The witness finally wonders if an ancient civilization resides near the site where a new Champlain Bridge is being built.

"In Montreal, the city is building a new Champlain Bridge. Construction requires digging into the river. I am thinking: is it possible that there is an ancient civilization site nearby, OR, something else?"

The above quotes were edited for clarity.

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