Racist Ottawa Police Ignore Husband's Confinement of Elderly Woman

There are lots of very good and even excellent police officers.

Unfortunately it's apparent that none of them seem to be running the Ottawa Police Service.

Since 20 April 2015, the Ottawa Police Service has allowed a Kanata elderly black woman to be apparenty forcibly confined.  Her husband had been abusing her for months.  This elderly black woman's only protection was her son.

Racist Ottawa Police in their brilliance then evicted her son based upon the lie told by her husband that her son “suffered from mental illness".

In the apparent eyes of the Ottawa Police, the son as a "young black male" was "guilty" from the get-go - no need to verify whether this was true or not.

The son showed the note written by his mom stating “Dad Abuses Me”.

Do you know how the Police responded?  They ignored it.

This black woman asked the police when the carried out the illegal eviction against her will that she wanted to see her son at least on weekends.  Guess what?  They ignored that too!  It was only after a legal demand letter by the son's lawyer that he and his Mom were able to see each other on 12 June 2015.

But on 12 June 2015, an Ottawa Police Detective Robert Griffin Jr under the direction of the abusive husband put a stop to the son and his Mom seeing each other by threatening a local social service organization to put an end to visitation access.

An elderly black woman has now remained forcily confined by her abusive husband for 811 days under the noses of the Ottawa Police's complicity.

The result of the Ottawa Police's complicity to the perpetuation of conditions of abuse and neglect by this Ottawa husband is that this elderly black woman can no longer walk talk or write.  But this is of no apparent concern by the apparent criminals who run the Ottawa Police who have presided over all sorts of abuse.

Indeed, for weeks, the same apparent lawless clique who runs Ottawa Police Services lied to the son, claiming that she was “okay” as the husband subjected his wife to further abuse and neglect involving blocked social service access and phychological trauma.

In the apparent eyes of the managers of the Ottawa Police Services of the Elderly Abuse Unit: 'Who cares...it's just a bunch of niggers.'

In Toronto, for example, the Police from time to time will admit when an apparent 'wrong' has been committed and seek to correct their actions.

However, in Ottawa, those who run local police service always rationalize their bad behaviour as “in the line of duty” even when one of their police officers beats and kills an unarmed black man in broad daylight in front of security cameras

In this case that we at The Canadian now report on, the Ottawa Police got Detective Robert Griffin Jr to harass the son for months which included stakling him at his Kanata residence multiple times [watch the above video].

In one instant, Detective Griffin came to the son's residence in plain clothes in an umarked car, and banged the son's door incessantly after 12 midnight utttering threats through the door.  In another instance, Detective Griffin waited at the foot on the son's driveway until he came back from grocery shopping.  

When the son was just about to take his groceries in his place, he hears “screeeech”.  

It was this same Detective who accelerated his reportedly unmarked tan coloured vehicle at the foot of the son's driveway, and then proceeded to threaten and assault the son in broad daylight in front of witnesses that he was not to talk to either friends or family about harassment by the Ottawa Police Service.

The bad behaviour of the Ottawa Police has continued under the complicity of elites of Ottawa's media organizations who decide on what is covered, and have sought to turn a blind eye to 99% of abuses which has been executed by the Ottawa Police.  

These include harassing both black and aboriginal people; the disenfranchised and poor on a daily basis in such acts as kidnapping them and dumping their in rural areas outside of Ottawa.  One person asked why they did it.  Do you know what there reply was? “Just for fun!”  

Email us to make a donation via PayPal is support of a Legal Fund for the liberation of this Kanata black woman from both her abusive husband and Ottawa Police psychopaths.  Help support the plight of a fellow human being in our nation's capital who has been forced to suffer for more than two years.