Ottawa's Best Cupcakes are on Bank Street

On Saturday, I found not only the best cupcakes in Ottawa but the best cupcakes that I have  ever had.  I found the most amazing cupcakes at the Life of Pie  in Old Ottawa South.  They are right across the street from Stella Luna that's famous for their critically acclaimed and award-winning gelato.

The cupcake I tried at the Life of Pie was vanilla.  You might think, “no big deal.  It's just vanilla!” But think again!  That's because you have probably had either bad vanilla cupcakes in Ottawa or other vanilla desserts which lacked flavour.

Life of Pie's vanilla cupcakes were absolutely flavourful and delicious and tasted like they used some actual vanilla beans in them like Hagen Dasz vanilla bean ice cream.

That why I was not able to post an actual photo of their cupcake which looks even more amazing than the one I did post.  I ate them before I could take the photo of these amazing cupcakes.

What is suprising is that Life of Pie does not usually bake cupcakes!  

So, if you love cupcakes, you need to stop what you're doing now, and call up Life of Pie   them when they will bake again their amazing vanilla cupcakes, so you too can try them!  Their should be songs about these cupcakes.

If you have tasted  a better cupcake cake in Ottawa or ever, email me at The Canadian.

If you have tried a cupcake even half as good, you mother must have made them.

I have found many mediocre and bad cupcakes in Ottawa.

You probably know the ones I'm talking about.

Extremely sweet icing with the cupcake itself tasting like not much more than air – a well decorated wasted of money.

Life of Pie bakes from scratch like all decent bakeries do.

Executive Chef Amber, the manager, takes a lot of pride in ensuring the quality control of what they bake.  On weekends thy are open for brunch.

Life of Pie

Address: 1134 Bank St, Ottawa, ON K1S 3X6

Telephone: (613) 693-1853