Criminal-like Entities Control Ottawa Police's Elder Abuse Unit

There are many excellent police within the Ottawa Police Services.  The problem is that apparently none of them are running “the show”.  The same group that is responsible for beating up the unarmed Abdirahman Abdi to death, are the same group who kidnap and dump homeless people are the same group apparently running the Elder Abuse Unit of the Ottawa Police.  People they appear as, humans they are not - Know thyself!

As a result a black elderly woman in Kanata remains forcibly confined by her husband for more than 800 days – since 20 April 2015.  It is apparent that the controlling entities of the Ottawa Police, which could be described as “archons” lacks empathy and systematically targets those people in our city who are the most defenceless.  These archons actually seem to get an apparent sort of high from seeing the pain and suffering of others.

This is the dynamic which is responsible for “Ms D” essentially becoming a prisoner in her own home.

The apparent demonic consciousness of this group which presides over the Elder Abuse Unit became apparent in April – June 2015.

First the Elder Abuse Unit evicted Ms D's son who had been actually protecting her from abuse. Then these entities presided over the blocking of social service agents which sought to help Ms D.  Then these entities fed lies upon lies to the son that Ms D was doing very well under the control of her abusive husband when actually her health was worsening to the point that in early June 2015 Ms D lost the ability to talk, walk and write.

When the son found out about the systematized deception of the Ottawa Police Elder Unit he was totally shocked.  He informed a Detective of the Ottawa Police that social service workers volunteered to testify in court about the systematized block of social services access to Ms D.  This Detective's response was not to come to the support to Ms D.  Rather, rather on 15 June 2015, this Detective visited the offices of these social services workers on Merivale Rd and proceeded to apparently threaten them not to further seek to collaborate with the son to liberate Ms D from abuse.

This same Dectective then visited then son in plain clothes and in an unmarked brown-coloured car multiple time to try to threaten the son the same way he had threatened the social service agents

The Ottawa Police have arguably become the most corrupt and lawless police in Canada.  Unlike the RCMP, OPP and other big city police services organizations like the Toronto Police Services, police management in Ottawa has no system of accountability to deal with.

As a result, Ottawa Police has become the perfect place for psychopathic entities to congregate.  They have successfully co-opted city councillors, pretty much all lawyers in the city and especially the media that only reported on the fatal assault against Abdi's because they couldn't ignore this tragedy. For every one case the media reports like Abdi, the media ignores literally thousands of other human rights abuses, including their ignoring of Ms D's continued forcible confinement.