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Ottawa Police: Charles Bordeleau Intimidates Politician to Apologize to Dirty Cops for Tweet

For how long will the oppressor keep on oppressing the vulnerable in society whilst majority of people look on unconcerned? Stories of elderly people in the society being intimidated on a daily basis are now very common. However, due to the fact that no stringent measures have been put in place to curb such a menace, the perpetrators are growing from strength to strength with impunity.

Not long ago, news broke out of a man by name Abdirahman Abdi having been brutalized by some cops to death. A lot of voices came out in unison to condemn the act and it was seen as a step in the right direction in the fight against corrupt police officers twisting the law to their benefit. One of the people who came out to wholeheartedly proclaim their support for Abdi’s family at that time was Nathalie Des Rosiers, an MPP for Ottawa-Vanier. “My thoughts are with Abdi’s family & friends murdered by a careless police officer. Be Strong!” – This is a tweet that was found on Des Rosiers’ Twitter account.

However, Des Rosiers has come under a barrage of backlash from the Police Administration with Ottawa Police Chief, Charles Bordeleau, also reacting to the tweet by claiming that the whole Abdi incident has been a hard one for the police service as well. He further went ahead to entreat the entire citizenry to allow the case to follow due process. Matt Skof, President of the Ottawa Police Association in a tweet also referred to Des Rosiers’ tweet as being irresponsible and even questioned whether it should be taken as a consensus that had been reached by the Liberals. This forced Des Rosiers to come out and apologize with the explanation that the tweet was posted by someone within the team that manages her Twitter account.

The million dollar question now is, “For how long will people allow this kind of intimidation to go on? People are losing their lives and instead of the general populace to stand up and fight for the right things, they are rather keeping quiet whilst a group of corrupt officers try their best to bring everyone into submission by hook or by crook.

When extreme force is used by the police just to arrest an unarmed civilian and it leads to his death, it should be criticized wholly. It should be seen as an act that brings shame and disrepute to the police service. However, instead of the police to condemn the actions of their colleague, Constable Daniel Montsion, they have rather decided to hide behind the saying that people should allow the Courts to follow due process.

If some elements within the Police service are able to intimidate Des Rosiers, Ottawa-Vanier’s MPP, into submission and further apologizing for the tweet that was posted on her wall, then it remains to be seen what they can do to an ordinary citizen. The act of intimidating people to kowtow to the demands of certain crooked elements in the Police service is one that makes a mockery of the democracy that is supposed to exist in Canada.