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Manipulative Aliens Undermine Human Sovereignty Suggests Abduction Accounts

On 02 June, YouTube user Zohar StarGate TV published a very interesting video recording of a lecture given by famous American UFO researcher and abductee Nadine Lalich, who related her several experiences with extraterrestrial beings and the way they act towards abducted humans.

She related the first abduction she experienced, which occurred in 1991 in Jedona, Arizona.

“I went on a trip on a Toyota van. Me and my friend had a very nice camping equipment”, she described. “We were sleeping, and it was dusk when we woke up and I had a creepy feeling. I had one of those very strange feelings of being watched”, she continued. However, according to her, there were no cars or humans around.

“I went up to bed first, and I remember when she [her friend] came and she lay down in her sleeping bag, next to me. My next conscious awareness is: a light goes on in the van, the back gate [of the van] swings open and I see a pasty kind of grey hand approaching, with three fingers and a thumb”, Ms Lalich stated.

“The next thing I knew was that I was being pulled out and, on each side of me, I saw two small beings. Then, in front of me, there was a very tall figure that I was not able to look at”, she related. 

“This experience did involve a lot of physical examinations”, she said. She affirmed that one of the aliens she saw “was a very clinical type of being, very detached, almost with a disdain for humans”.

“This being stood in the background and was kind of supervising what was going on as the examinations were proceeding”, the abducted woman explained. “They [the aliens] didn’t directly interact; they held something in their hand [to perform the procedures]”, she continued.

About the characteristics of these creatures, she declared: “[they were] very pasty white, probably 7 feet tall, and they were far in the background, observing without any direct interaction”.

Finally, she described how she returned to her vehicle. “I wasn’t walked back, I just found myself sitting up in the van, on top of my sleeping bag. I was definitely crying and very traumatised”, she expressed.

“Is amazing the amount of control that we can be subjected to in these experiences”, Ms Lalich asserted.

Draw your own conclusions…

For further information: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=di4_VrnZyM4&t=1655s


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