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Ottawa Police Help Forcefully Confine Disabled Woman in Her Own Home

The laws that govern the rights and responsibilities of every Canadian citizen are very clear when it comes to drawing a line between being placed under house arrest and forceful confinement. However, it is very sad and a slap in the face to realize that those who are supposed to know better, when it comes to the interpretation and enforcement of the law are rather twisting it to favour them.

Ms D's unlawful confinement in her home raises a lot of eyebrows as to which laws some of the police personnel follow. As at now, it remains to be seen why the Ottawa Elderly Abuse Unit which falls under the jurisdiction of Ottawa Chief of Police, Charles Bordeleau decided to forcefully keep Dezrin in the same house that she has suffered continuous abuse from her husband. For over 2 years now, Ms D has been kept against her wish in a house where her abusive husband, Mr H also resides. This move by the police has rather given courage to Mr H to keep on abusing her wife.

If the police are willing to subject an elderly woman to this kind of inhumane torture and abuse then it remains to be seen what an energetic young person will be taken through. It therefore comes as no surprise that Abdirahman Abdi was beaten into a pulp by this same police when they went to arrest him. There is a pattern that is being created by some bad elements within the Ottawa Police service.

Ms D did the right thing by immediately lodging a complaint with her son who presented it to the Ottawa Police Department when her husband started abusing her. However, her complaints fell on deaf ears and her only protector in the house, Mr R – her son, was also illegally evicted from the house. The only explanation given by the police at that time was to give husband and wife the “much-needed privacy” they needed. From the look of things right now, it can be explained that Mr H needed the so-called privacy just to further subject his own wife to further abuse. Right now Ms D, who was once energetic and lively has been rendered immobile and bedridden thanks to Ottawa Police Chief Charles Bordeleau and his dirty cop operatives.

The worst part of it all is that her only source of joy and happiness, her son, has also been prevented from seeing her. The last time the two met was about two years ago.


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