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Day 831: Ottawa Police Support House of Torture Against Disabled Woman

For now 831 days, since 20 April 2015, the Ottawa Police Services Elderly Abuse Unit have been maintaining their House of Torture against an elderly woman by forcing her to be subjected to an abusive husband while keeping her cut off from her son and others who have sought to help her.

When those who are supposed to be protecting you turn out to be the ones pursuing you, any fight you decide to put up is almost hopeless. However, that does not mean that one should just keep mute and accept any kind of abuse that is meted out to him or her.

No situation can be more hopeless than the one that Ms D has been going through for more than two years. Her will to live and see the smiling face of her son, Raymond is the only thing that has kept her alive for this long. She has had to endure an abusive husband for some time before she decided to let the cat out of the bag. The only place she could go to was the enforcers of the law – the Ottawa Police but that turned out to be her worst nightmare.

Instead of doing something about her situation, the police rather connived with the husband to illegally confine Ms D in her home and this made it possible for her to be subjected to further torture. Her only hope was her son, Raymond but he was also constantly being intimidated by Robert Griffin who found it very amusing to even stalk him in plain clothes and send threatening text messages to him. Raymond’s nightmare of threats and being stalked by the police only came to an end when he took matters to the law courts.

Whilst, Raymond’s intimidations might have been brought to an end, that of her mother is still ongoing and at the moment she can no longer speak, write or even walk. No one seems to know what the Ottawa Police Elderly Abuse Unit under the tutelage of Chief of Police, Charles Bordeleau seems to achieve by keeping an elderly woman a prisoner in her home.

Whilst the elderly all over the world are being protected and safeguarded, it appears that Ottawa does not value such people in the society which is why they have allowed the police force to put this poor old woman through such an inhumane treatment. It is a smirk in the face of every well-meaning Canadian and the earlier the right thing is done, the better it will be for all.