Reptilian alien being photographed in Leander, Texas

A resident of Leander, Texas claims that his friend photographed a reptilian alien being and send him its pictures as proof. This report has been obtained from a testimony included in the database of Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) published on 1 July, 2017.

The witness first begins the report by telling us that his friend sent him pictures of the alien being. He also tells us that the pictures were taken by his friend a few years ago when she was living in a 'haunted' apartment.

"Today my friend sent me these pictures. She said she took them a couple years ago while living in an apt that she thought was haunted."

He then says that his friend had many negative experiences while living in that haunted apartment.

"She experience many negative things while living there."

 The witness then explains what he initially thought when he looked over the second picture.

"As I looked over the pictures, I thought that the obvious thing in the second picture was a spirit."

He then tells us how his opinion changed when he looked at the second picture and he realized that it was a reptilian alien being which looked like the grays at first.

"But as I looked at the first, I immediately saw what I thought was a gray, but looking closer at the eyes, they are reptilian-like."

He further claims that he is certain about the presence of a second reptilian alien being in the pictures.

"I'm certain there is another next to it that looks more like a reptilian."

The witness then tells us that he had uploaded both the original pictures sent by his friend and also zoomed in versions of the same for a better look at the reptilian alien beings.

"I am uploading both of her original pictures and then the edited one where I zoomed in and drew arrows pointing to the grays face, then the reptilians eyes."

He then says that in order to have a good look at these beings we must look at the pictures on a computer and not on a cell phone.

"It's pretty clear. You must zoom on a computer, it doesn't seem to show on a cell phone."

He finally tells us that his friend is willing to talk about her alien experiences if needed.

"She is willing to talk more about this if needed."

The above quotes were edited for clarity.

Have you ever seen a alien being or do you believe that reptilian alien beings stay among humans?

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