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UFO: Brilliant, Multi-coloured Object Seen In London, ON

Date: 2 August, 2017.

Place: London, Province of Ontario, Canada.

Almost two weeks ago, on 02 August, a very strange event was reported in the city of London, Ontario.

According to an anonymous testimony published on Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) online database, a bright object was seen hovering above the Ontarian city.

“Our family dog was acting strange from about midnight on, just like he dose when there is a thunderstorm outside. He would shake and act erratically, and would often pant quite heavily, (there was no thunder storm it was a mostly clear night). I got up to take him outside and decided I would go out too and watch him from the patio”, the author of the report stated. “Immediately, I noticed a bright light and thought it was a low-flying airplane, but it wasn't moving towards or flying over us. I thought it was a helicopter but there was no noise from any type of engine and it appeared to be hovering higher than what a helicopter would”, the Ontarian citizen added.

According to him, the object kept on moving across the firmament for around 20 minutes. “I continued to watch the object move from left to right and up and down at a very slow steady speed for approximately 20 minutes. I went back into the house, woke my wife, and we both went back outside to watch the light in the sky”, he expressed.

“We could see three distinct small lights that formed a triangle within the round white/silver circle that would come on and off a couple of times. It was now that my wife noticed the object was spinning as it was hovering in the sky”, he manifested.

The London resident affirmed that they were able to film the object for about half an hour, until the Sun started to rise up and the UFO slowly faded away. “We videotaped this object for 30 minutes doing what I described earlier. She [his wife] left to go back inside and I continued to watch the object. This was all happening in the eastern sky, and the sun was just starting to come up. As it got brighter, the object started to rise at a steady rate until it disappeared from view”, the unnamed witness asserted.

Draw your own conclusions…

For further information: https://mufoncms.com/cgi-bin/report_handler.pl?req=view_long_desc&id=85722&rnd=

Link to the video recording: https://www.mufoncms.com/files_jeud8334j/85722_submitter_file1__trim.9625014A021F44CB85EFF2FD66B28C63.MOV


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