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Very large black triangle UFO flies over L'Ardoise, Nova Scotia

A resident of L'Ardoise, Nova Scotia has reported sighting a very large black triangle UFO on 25 July, 2017. This report has been obtained from a testimony included in the database of Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) published on 1 August, 2017.

The witness begins the report by providing a brief description of the size of the alien object. He also says that the UFO was slowly rotating.

"Very large black triangle with a flashing light on each corner slowly rotating.

He says that the UFO did not make any noise and that it was moving in a straight flight.

"It was moving in a straight flight path with no noise."

He then says that the alien object appeared out of nowhere and also talks about its direction. He also says that the object seemed to slowly fade away as it moved despite the absence of clouds.

"Appeared out of nowhere and as it moved west seemed to slowly fade away although no clouds were present."

He talks about the duration of the event.

"Entire event was approx 30 minutes."

The witness further says that even his friend saw the alien object along with him.

"My friend and I both witnessed it."

Finally, the witness tells us why it was clear to him that the object he spotted was not a helicopter.

"It was very clear and apparent this was not helicopters in formation as it moved and rotated as one solid object."

The above quotes were edited for clarity.

Black triangle UFOs are seen by witnesses around the globe. They are frequently seen across different parts of Canada as well. In 2016, a resident of Langford, British Columbia was chased by a black triangle UFO.

The witness was riding his bike back home going down the road between Hull's Trail and the buildings on Langford Parkway. When he stopped his bike for a moment, noticed a small Black Triangle with rounded corners hovering directly over me, underneath the cloud cover. The UFO then followed him for a while till it disappeared.

Recently, a black triangle UFO was seen flying over Leduc, Alberta on 16 July, 2017 at midnight.

Many UFO researchers believe that these UFOs are actually operated by the US Military and were created by reverse engineering alien technology.

Have you ever seen a Black Triangle UFO?

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