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Aliens: Bat-like Entity Scares Family in River Forest, IL

Date: 4 August, 2017.

Place: River Forest, State of Illinois, United States.

A couple of weeks ago, on 04 August, a very strange event was witnessed in the small village of River Forest, Illinois.

According to an anonymous report published on Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) online database, a local family affirmed to have seen a “bat-like” entity was seen flying over the village.

“I walked with my three girls to the corner 7-11 [food store], after my oldest got out of her soccer practice. We usually do this after each one has practice, as a little treat-or-treat run before walking home. This day was overcast and quite a bit cooler than the previous days, which were very hot and muggy. After we got our slushies and other snacks, we proceeded to walk home along the usual route, which takes us past the practice fields at Dominican University”, the witness related. “We were all talking and laughing, when I spotted what looked like a giant bat flying just above the treetops at the corner of Division and Williams Streets, where we cross the road to head towards home. I showed it to my girls as the bat turned towards where we were standing”, he added.

The unnamed witness also gave details about how eerie this moment was for him and his daughters. “This sudden move scared my five and seve year-old [daughters], who cowered down and screamed. The bat was flapping its wings and flew above us and over football field. It then banked and flew off in a southwestern direction, and disappeared over some treetops”, he commented. “We stood there for about two minutes, stunned, before I could collect my girls, who were scared and sobbing and I continued the rest of the way home”, he affirmed.

The father-of-three also described the strange creature: “the bat looked like it had human-like arms and legs, just a lot bigger and had a large pair of bat-like wings that flapped as it flew. It was black with some grey, but there were no distinguishable features”, he affirmed.

“I know what I saw was real and had to be a living creature. There was no sound, but it was a solid object”, he asserted.

Draw your own conclusions…

For further information: https://mufoncms.com/cgi-bin/report_handler.pl?req=view_long_desc&id=85664&rnd=


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