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US Government Possibly Manipulated Hurricane Irma

Last week, several countries in the Caribbean Sea and the State of Florida in the United States were hit by one of the most destructive hurricanes in history: Irma.

Caribbean islands like Barbuda, Saint Bartholomew and Saint Martin were completely destroyed, while Cuba faced severe floods. In Miami, Florida, more than a million and a half people were without electricity.

Some scientists affirm that increasing temperature levels in ocean waters favour hurricane formation and strengthening. However, a very dark secret can be behind this sort of meteorological events.

According to weather-specialised online website Geoengineering.org, “the US government has been actively engaged in hurricane modification programs for a minimum of 70 years”.

“The US government and the US military have been fully involve in not just weather modification but hurricane modification for at least 70 years”, said researcher Dane Wigington.

He made mention of Project Cirrus, an initiative created in 1947 by the US government with the purpose of manipulating hurricanes. This project allegedly “seeded a hurricane off Georgia/Florida coast using a B-17 bomber [that carried] 80 kilograms of crushed dry ice”. Surprisingly, the phenomenon “was moving East before the seeding, but reversed course and came ashore near Savannah, Georgia”.

Some studies have concluded that “when cyclones are saturated with aerosols, the flow of energy from warming oceans is reduced and the winds weaken”. So, spraying aerosols could be seen as a positive action to prevent major damages, but Mr Wigington states that “the on-going global climate engineering Manhattan Project is tearing climate and life-support systems of the planet apart” since, in his opinion, “the toxic heavy metal and chemical aerosols are also contaminating our breathable air and the entire biosphere as a whole”.

Regarding hurricane Irma, the researcher affirmed that “if the weather makers wanted hurricane Irma to diminish or dissipate, or just to air it out to the sea, they could”. However, whether to act or not depends on what he calls “the power structure” and its “many agendas”. “Everything they do carries complex implications and motives, [and] this is most true in regard to the climate engineering assault”, he expressed.   

Finally, Mr Wigington asserted that “climate engineering is the single, greatest, climate-disrupting and environmentally destructive assault ever launched by the human race, considering the degree of anthropogenic damage to the planets on countless fronts”.

Draw your own conclusions…

For further information: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w6rAHBGZtAU


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