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NASA Admits Nibiru's Approach, Researcher Says

Early in July, YouTube user and independent researcher Jacob Israel published a revealing video about a very serious issue that could affect the life on Earth: the approach of planet Nibiru.

According to Mr Israel, NASA “accidentally” admitted in an article recently published on its website that the celestial body is actually coming to Earth.

Such article states that NASA’s New Horizons craft, which was sent to space in 2015 to study planet Pluto, is also going to study other objects in the Kuiper belt, further away from Pluto. It is also said that New Horizons is going to approach planet Eris, the second largest object in the belt.

 “This is all about Eris”, Mr Israel affirmed. “When I was reading this awesome post on the NASA website, I was really struck by this little quote that the head guy had said”, he continued.

He mentioned that this is the same object that many people have called “Nibiru, Planet X or Hercobulus”. He also explained that Eris is the Greek goddess of “chaos, strife, discord, contention and rivalry”.

The YouTube user found out that Eris’s orbit “is much like Nibiru”. “It [Eris] has an interesting orbit that is possibly swinging towards us, although as I dug into the research, I could not find anywhere that is heading towards us. Actually, what I found was that they [NASA] called it the tenth planet; like it is very far away from the Sun and it’s farther out past Pluto”, he asserted.

Nonetheless, in his opinions, NASA’s statements do not show the truth. “Everything I read about Eris says that it is very, very far away, past Pluto. But what is interesting about it is that in this little article that I read on the website NASA website the head guy says that we are going to even be able to capture pictures and collect data on Eris. […] But this is the interesting thing: it says [collecting data of the planet is possible] although we’ll be farther away than if we were on Earth”.

For this reason, he believes that, “in other words, Eris is closer to Earth than the New Horizons mission”.

“Can Eris be Nibiru? Is that what is going on?” he wondered.

Draw your own conclusions…

For further information: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o9FnmAttrns


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