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World War III beings on 23 September researcher suggests

Since Donald Trump arrived to the White House early this year, the relationship between the United States and North Korea has rapidly deteriorated. Early in August, the Asian country announced that it had the capability to carry out a nuclear attack against the US Pacific territories. According to the North Korean official KCNA news network, Kim Jong Un’s government was “carefully examining the operational plan for making an enveloping fire at the areas around Guam”.  

In response to this, the US repeatedly warned it will use its military forces to destroy the North. President Trump later declared the US will “unleash fire and fury” over the communist country if Guam is attacked.

In relation to this issue, several independent researchers have suggested that the war between the two nations could allegedly start on 23 September.

On 09 August, YouTube user Dg2k187 published a video that shows an image of the North Korean leader stood by a missile with the numbers 239 on it. According to him, this means that such missile would be launched on 23 September.

“Today, on Wednesday 09 August 2017, 01:17 AM local time, you are seeing the breaking news right now: ‘North Korea threatens strike on US territory of Guam as President Trump warns Kim’s regime of fire and fury’”, the YouTube user said in reference to a TV screenshot of a CNN news report.

“World War III is about to pop up, guys”, he expressed. “Just look at this missile: 239. Like I said, 23 September 2017, guys. Is this the year? We only have a month or so”, he added.

“Believe it, it is coming”, he asserted.

However, some people disagree with Dg2k187. Fellow YouTube user Specialized29er wrote: “looking forward to the 23rd, just another lovely day”.

Another user called Marc Parkinson mentioned: “Nope, Nope, nothing will happen on 9/23”.

But, 767TruthrSeeker opined that on 23 September serious events will take place. “Personally I think 9-23-2017 will usher in the beginning of the Tribulation. Hell stands at the threshold. Give your life to Christ and repent”, he stated.

Will a new world war begin this year? Only time will tell.

Draw your own conclusions…

For further information: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fGIaore7--Y


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