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Researcher Steve Quayle Describes How World War III Will Begin

Early in August, renowned US TV journalist Alex Jones presented in his show Infowars a series of evidences that suggest that some serious events will take place on 23 September.

He interviewed researcher Steve Quayle, who explained how what he calls “the Islamic invasion” will lead to the destruction of Christian countries, especially Europe.

According to this researcher, this Islamic invasion will lead to “the complete dissolution of Europe [by Muslims] for a brief period, and then you are going to see a total war against the Muslims”. “Poland said: ‘we will raise an army of 150,000 people’. The President of Hungary said ‘not here’; the President of the Czech Republic said ‘not here’, and so on. The people who withstood the Muslim invasion [in the past] are withstanding it now”, Mr Quayle expressed.

In his opinion, one of the main actors in this war against Islamism is Russia’s President Vladimir Putin. “He [Mr Putin] knows he is going to have a problem with the total Islamic invasion of even Russia, because Russia is bordered by eight breakaway republics that are strongly Muslim-oriented”, the researcher explained.

Later, he also gave some details about “geoengineering”. “The idea [of geoengineering] is to do away with humanity as you know it. Now, the idea is to come up with a hybridised humanity, a vestige of former humanity, and bring in a new atmosphere that supports [this new humanity’s] life”, he said.

“They [the power behind governments] are actually manipulating the atmosphere to make it inhospitable to mankind, but very hospitable to the genetic mutations”, he asserted.

Finally, Mr Quayle ratified that what we are living now is not a common war, but a spiritual war. This war, in his opinion, is being orchestrated by dark powers trying to manipulate people’s mind in order to make them docile. “It is insanity that people are hearing World War III, seeing World War III, hearing about overflights of bombers and submarines off our coast; and still you’ve got a guy who goes on vacation”, he commented.

Draw your own conclusions…

For further information: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WDtzrScaNck


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