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Puerto Rico: Post-Hurricane Crises Point to Conspiracy

Most people like to totally scoff at the idea of conspiracies in general, like those that have been presented on post-hurricane Puerto Rico alluded to in the above video. 

I have watched and listened to the rescue efforts in Puerto Rico in the aftermath of the most recent hurricane with great interest and to me it's apparent that some kind of conspiracy is at work here that is needlessly resulting in the current humanitarian crisis.. 

Indeed, it's apparent that mass media organizations like MSNBC and CNN covering this unfolding very tragic story have failed to ask the big question. 

How can a the `greatest` military superpower on the planet have the ability to mass its military resources to wage wars in the Middle East and elsewhere, not have such Air Force helicopters available to ferry in medical resources and other needs support to Puerto Rico, along with U.S. Naval and other support from a reserve army totals in the millions?  U.S. President Donald Trump could have easily had well over 150,000 military troops and support personnel along with many helicopters and other resources in efforts to support Puerto Rico.  However, in the reports by the mass-media, I heard there was only about 10,000 support personnel in Puerto Rico - Why?

And, what’s with all these excuses that Puerto Rico is an "island"? 

A whole ocean and continents did not stop America using the force of its military that resulted in the deaths of reportedly more than 1 million innocent Iraqi civilians in a fixated pursuit of Saddam Hussein.  How about using that same military's force to feed and rescue the millions of Americans in Puerto Rico?

An island like Puerto Rico would effect the ability of its people to escape on their own but not the ability to get needed resources to the island.  Surely, it is not the nineteenth century, and the U.S. wouldn’t be using ships from that era. 

Is racism or colonialism at work here or something more?  Maybe if Puerto Rico were independent and did not have to beckon to Washington D.C. it would have been able to freely accept military and other aid that has been offered by various nations that have been blocked by the American Establishment?

The tragedy that Puerto Rico represents might be the most obvious sign yet that indeed humanity faces a conspiracy under the auspices of elites.


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