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Drug Abuse at Pakistani University and Schools

There are nearly 9 million drug abusers in Pakistan based on the statistics. As alarming as the count is, the fact that about 2 million of these drug addicts are between the ages of 15-25 is more horrid. Around 53% of students use drugs of one kind or the other. The number of deaths caused by drug overdose or drug intoxication is approximately 255,000 per year in Pakistan.

The Pakistani government finally realized the depth and seriousness of the problem when a student of National University of Sciences and Technology (NUST) allegedly died from the intoxication of drugs in Islamabad. The government came into actions and raids were conducted in different universities of Islamabad which resulted in the arrest of several drug dealers and distributors. Quaid-e-Azam University (QAU)’s name was in the front when it came down to having the most drugs on campus and affiliated hostels. The drugs that are usually found in the educational institutes are heroin, Opium, cocaine, ecstasy, local pills, liquor and hashish, with the use of marijuana also increasing among the youth. As these campuses are usually attended by elite class so the money is not a problem.

No one can tell a specific reason as to why the students use drugs as not all have the same reason. Sometimes it is simply because of the increased availability of drugs at low prices and the curious nature of the teen minds. Teen use drugs either just as an experiment and adventure or as a cure for their boredom. Peer pressure and bad influence are also the cause of drug abuse. Parents and society also play a major role in the initiation of drug abuse.Parents either don’t pay any kind of attention to their children or keep a high surveillance on their activities, forcing them to do what the society says and wants which keeps the student under constant stress and fear of failure. Students can’t handle the stress and within the influence of their friends or films start taking drugs believing the myth that the drugs would help them.

The sad reality of drugs is that it may seem that they are helping you and you may feel better at the time but in the long run the drugs will eat you alive, which they always do. It is frightening to realize that year 2000 the number of drug injecting users was 60,000 in Pakistan which went up to 125,000 in 2006 i.e. it almost doubled in six years. So now that it has been approximately 11 years, the number is impossible to imagine.In order to control the spread and usage of drugs it has been suggested by the government officials to conduct a drug test ever year at educational institutes whether they are government institutes or private. Institutes should keep a close look at their students and make their campuses drug free as youth are the pillars of our nation and the mere foundation of our future.


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