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Ottawa Judge Show How Aliens Have Imported Discrimination and Oppression into Human Society

When Justice Sylvia Corthorn recently decided that she was going to oppress the rights of another woman as compared to a previous male judge, she showed us that the discrimination which takes place in our society is not a question of one gender against another just as racism is not simply about one "race" against another "race".  Indeed, as Justice Sylvia has shown, women can be sexist against other women as blacks and other "visible minorities" can harbour racism against "their own race". 

As humans we are naturally beings of empathy and love who are spiritually connected with one another.  However, apparently there's a manipulative, lower dimensional and mechanical consciousness associated with artificial intelligence that has sought to act as a psycho-spiritual parasite on the human consciousness. 

John Lash identified this phenomenon in his research on ancient Pagan Gnostics which described the "humanized face of manipulative aliens".  These entities are apparently attracted to ego and personality profiles that they can latch onto and express themselves through their "human hosts" in the form of discrimination alongside oppressive and other cruel behaviour.  When Justice Sylvia Corthorn decided that she was going to be sexist and so no regard for the well being of Dezrin who is chronically ill and disabled having  been subjected to abuse for more than two years in comparison to a previous male judge who had endorsed independent verification of Dezrin's well being we can see that the male judge was acting as a human and the female judge acted consistent with what the Pagan Gnostics called the 'archons'.


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